About - Sleepy Dragon Studios

About Sleepy Dragon Studios

Sleepy Dragon Studios started as the brain child of Juan Borrero, our founder and Technical Director. Together with Vanessa Velasquez, Creative Director, and Alex Martinez, Technology Director, they set out to create a company that focuses on quality interactive experiences.

Our early roots were setup in small living rooms, working long nights in ambitious projects. In the meantime we picked up clients in which to expand our horizons and our services.

Our creative backgrounds cover diverse fields including, Game Design, Game Programming, Application Development, Project Management, Animation, Product Visualization, Film Visual Effects, Pipeline Programming, and Consulting.

Our Team

Juan Borrero

Co-Founder | Technical Director

With over 10 years of industry experience our founder is very knowledgeable when it comes to gaming, 3D assets management, character rigging, gaming pipelines, and project time tables. He is also known to play too many RPG games, old and new, he loves them all!

Alex Martinez

Co-Founder | Technology Director

Our resident tech guru, fancies all things new and shinny. He keeps us on our toes when it comes to new technology releases and the latest hip video games. He is also a whiz when it comes to integrating new tech into our pipeline.

Vanessa Velasquez

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Our creative muse, she can whip a concept on ZBrush faster than we can find and click on the software icon. She fancies action games where she can inflict a barrage of hits on all enemies, sometimes even friends.

Joel Rodriguez


Our workforce minion, the tackler of all tasks big and small. Has been known to work his way around a table of cards or several board games in one sitting.


Studio Moral Support and Snacking Expert

Our expert ninja when it comes to snatching the unprotected piece of food, be careful his cute demeanor is used to distract you from your sustenance. Likes to cuddle on cold feet of video game players.


West Coast Brand Ambassador and Weapons Expert

Thor is our West Coast Brand Ambassador and Moral Support. Moreover, he is an expert knives and explosives concealment expert. This makes him versatile in and around the studio. He prefers knives with peanut butter residue on them. He is not that great at escaping though. And YES! He is holding a knife in the picture.