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Carnival Tycoon®

Become the most successful carnival of all time. Build your carnival, earn money and build fun, thrill seeking rides. Attract customers by upgrading your rides. You will have the cutest assistant ever helping you collect your profits. Upgrade her as you go and they'll always collect your money for your rides. Grow your park and become the next tycoon.

Panda Run®

You are a ninja Panda running away after a night of performing your ninja duties. Run on the rooftops of the houses and avoid falling to an untimely demise.

Treetop Crawler®

Your girlfriend has fallen off the tree, run down the branches to rescue her, can you avoid all the obstacles on the way, or would you become bird feed?

Firetruck Rescue®

Some pesky hooligans have set fire to the cars. Put out as many fires as you can and save the streets from mayhem.

Color My Piggy®

Save your coins for a rainy day, but you must match your banks to your coin colors, failure to do so could cost you more than coins.

Stellar Defender®

Fight for your planet! The aliens are trying to take over, defeat them in an interstellar game of cosmic propostions. Wathc out! Friednly planets may not always be on your side, and there is a lot of debris in space which may or may not work in your favor.

Nebula Cleanup®

Space is a dirty place but somebody has to clean it up. Take control of a laser firing spaceship to get rid of the radioactive asteroids plaguing the nebula. Taking out trash has never been so easy, or has it?

Alien Zapper®

The aliens are invading your system. You command the orbital defense grid, can you zap the aliens before they reach your planets or would you be doomed to be conquered?

Bubble Rescue®

The animals are floating up the ice to safety, but stalactites are blocking their path, guide them through the safe spaces to safety and prevent the evil crabs from raining on you parade.

Cyber Tanks®

Momma Tank wants to destroy the cyber world. Use power ups to stay ahead of Momma's virus tanks. Stay alive as long as possible and save the cyber world.

Desert Lightning®

Help Thunderbolt race through the desert by avoiding all the obstacles that come in his way. Watch out for those tumbleweeds!

Dragon Siege®

Selen the dragon is being sieged by a band of rogue dragons, help him defend his land from the invading army of flying beasts!

Drake Eggscape®

The dragon eggs are falling from the sky, wyvern eggs are mixed in with them. Test your might and see how many you can save.

Elevator Breakout®

The little slime is trying to escape the ever flooding elevator shaft, but it needs help avoiding obstacles. Areyou up to the task?

Fly Piper®

You are the pilot of a top of the line steam powered air craft. Test your skills in piloting your machine through a maze of pipes and steam valves.


Help your immune system fight off the diseases entering your system. Can you outlast the viruses and bacteries, or will you succumb to disease?

The Surfing Dead®

You are the last survivor from a zombie outbreak. The zombies have taken over, and they are coming towards you, how long can you last?

Fireworks Frenzy®

It is always a good day to celebrate. How many fireworks can you set off before running out of fuel?

Lava Rush®

Can you rush through the volcano and find a safe exit? Do you have what it takes to help Lava Blob escape his crumbling home? Try Lava Rush and test you skills, it will burn you up!


The year is 2315. You were framed and have just escaped prison. Can you make it out alive with all the drones and turrets guardign the exit?

Fast & Frustrated®

You are street racing in the newest technology available, how long can you race and avoid obstacles before being caught by the police?

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